Kindle Frozen

Has your Kindle frozen and you're looking for a solution?

Modern technologies are one of the biggest achievements of the entire humankind. But the technology too can go faulty and be very frustrating. Kindle by Amazon is a blessing for book lovers who love technology too. But since it's a digital device, it can go faulty too.

One of the common problems that Kindle users face is Kindle frozen. What happens is that the display gets frozen. A frozen Kindle is as good as a dead Kindle. Imagine you are reading a very interesting part of your favorite author's new book, and the screen of your Kindle freezes. Frustrating right?

To identify and solve the problem(s) that causes your Kindle to freeze, you need to follow some steps. These are very simple steps that you can perform by yourself. Although if these methods don't work, you should consult a professional. But first, try these:

Frozen Kindle

Method 1: Restart your Kindle:

The first thing that you should do when Kindle frozen, or any other device frozen for that matter, is to restart the device. To restart the Kindle, you need to press down the power button and hold it for more than 30 seconds.

When your screen blacks out, it means that your Kindle is restarting and you can let go of the power button. If your Kindle still doesn't restart, try plugging it in. Make sure you use the original Kindle adapter and power cable.

Didn't work? Keep going.

Method 2: Advanced Troubleshooting:

Don't lose heart if your Kindle didn't start even after performing a restart. Follow these advanced troubleshooting steps:

Step - 1: Update your Kindle

Kindle frozen, and it freezes very frequently. That can happen if you don't update your device regularly. Users from all around the world only look for a solution when they're in need of one. But updating your device should be a habit.

If you don't update your device on a regular basis, problems like Kindle frozen can happen. Updating your Kindle may not only solve your Kindle frozen problem, it will also keep your device healthy.

If it works, you will not face that problem in future.

Kindle Frozen Support

Step - 2: Cut down the downloading list

Avoid downloading too many items at once. This must be a thumb rule. Never download more items than your device can take at once. It will not only put a toll on storage but it will also occupy a lot of the ram and processor.

The result will be Kindle slowing down and ultimately it will be Kindle frozen. So, make sure that you keep your downloads in check.


Step - 3: Don't put too much load on it

Us mobile users think that all our devices can handle multitasking neatly. What we forget is that mobile devices have very powerful processors and specs that Kindle doesn't.

Delete the unnecessary and heavy apps. Close all the apps you were using and free up the usage memory before putting aside your Kindle. When you use multiple and heavy apps, you will face issues like Kindle frozen or Kindle screen frozen.


Wrapping things up:

These are the best methods that you can try yourself. However, if they don't work, there's no need to get demotivated. We will help you fix stuff. If you're still stuck on Kindle frozen or any other Kindle problem that you cannot figure out, just reach out to us.

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