Kindle wont charge

Kindle Won’t Charge? A step by step Guide to fix it.

Are you looking for a solution because your Kindle won't charge? Isn't it such a pity that there are so many problems and errors with technologies. You face so many issues daily regarding software or hardware related Kindle problems. One of the most common problems that users face is that their Kindle won't charge.

Kindle is very compatible for reading for long periods. It has an anti-glare display which is another reason why users are so crazy about it. Kindle has an exceptional standby battery life which just enhances your reading experience. But, the battery doesn't last forever. You have to plug it in and charge the battery eventually. You plug it in and you realize your Kindle won't charge. That is when you get frustrated.

Don't worry though. We'll tell you how to fix the Kindle's charge problem. In this article, we are providing step by step solutions for whatever Kindle problems you may be facing regarding charging and power.

Step - 1: Dysfunctional Adapter & Cable

First of all, make sure that you have a functional adapter and cable. You may be facing this problem because of some complications that may have happened to your power pair.
Kindle will charge

Step - 2: Stuck while charging

If your Kindle is stuck on an empty battery screen, your Kindle is probably frozen or there is some software issue with your Kindle. You can try and fix it by unplugging the charger and rebooting the device. Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds or more. That might work and is worth giving a try.

Kindle will not charge

Step - 3: Battery too low to Power On:

Too much usage or lack of usage can cause the Kindle battery to malfunction. It will show the battery is very low when you try to power on your Kindle. What you should do first is try and charge your device. If that doesn't work, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds or more and immediately plug in your charger. Leave it there for a few hours and see if it works. Check after a few hours and it might actually be working again.

Charging Kindle wont help

Step - 4: Battery Out of Sync

If you think that your Kindle won't charge because there is some problem with the battery, that may not be entirely true. If your Kindle battery seems to decrease very slowly and take a sudden fall from a certain percentage, your Kindle battery may be out of sync.

Kindle won't charge

What you could do to fix it is to turn off your Kindle and plug it in overnight. That might solve the problem.

Step - 5: Hardware Problem

If none of these steps work for you, the problem might be with your device's hardware, which is why your Kindle won't charge. Even if it's not a hardware issue, you might not be able to solve that issue yourself.

Kindle Charge

Conclusion and Ultimate Solution:

So, you've tried all the steps and still your Kindle won't charge. If so, your best option is to consult an expert and get professional help. If you need help with your Kindle problems, we will give you a free consultation. Hurry up though, this offer is limited to first 100 customers only.